Petr BLAHUŠ, Ph.Dr., Dr.Sc., Professor

Born 23. 1. 1944, Praha (Prague), The Czech Republic, Czech citizenship

Married, three children (28, 25, 19 years old)

Languages: English - fluent, German-just to read, Russian - fair, Czech - native


Residence: Spolecna 7, CZ-182 00 Praha 8, The Czech Republic

 Phone: (from US: 001 )  +420-28388-0315       Fax: (from US: 001 )    420-286592241




Section 1:    C.V. and more recent publications    (11 pp.)


                Curriculum Vitae up to the 2003 (cont.)   - structured         1

                                                                              - described          5

                        - Some selected publications                                      6

                        - Complete list of publications  1994 - 2004         7-11



Section 2:   Publications & presentations  1965 - 1993   (20 pp.)



Present university position:

Professor, Charles University, Department of Kinanthropology and Humanities,

                                                         Division of Research Methodology - Head

Former position at the Academy of Sciences:

(held simultaneously with the university position during 1982-90):

Acting Head of

  Division of Mathematical Methods and Experimental Techniques,

  Institute of Psychology, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences

Academic positions:

1990-93 Associated Dean for Research, (students: 1200,  faculty: 120)

1994-97 Vice-Rector, Charles University, Students Social Affaires

            (16 Faculties, students: 33 000,  academic staff 5000, support staff 2000)

C.V. structured:

-1950-61  s.-c. elementary, middle, and high school, in Prague

-1961-68 university studies at Charles University

- 1966-68 Technical Assistant, Department of Anatomy and Biomechanics,       

- 1968 Charles University Master degree in Education, specialization in

            educational theory and quantitative methodology, 

             with extra courses:  anthropology, psychology,  and

                                             statistics, mathematical economy

        Master thesis:"Possibilities of using information theory in educational research"

-1969 a postgradute course in philosophy of science, thesis:  "Application of 

      information theory in the study of factor structure of data on motor abilities"

-1969 Research Assistant at the Department of Anatomy and Biomechanics 

-1974 dissertation "Comparison and generalization of factor analytic models      

                                 and their application to the structure of motor abilities"

-1976 Assistant Professor at the Department of Theory and Methodology

-1982 Associate Professor of Theory of Education (Docent), habilitation thesis

          "Possibilities of using latent variable models in educational research and           


- 1982 - 90 also simultaneously Acting Head of the

                       Division of Mathematical Methods and Experimental Techniques

                        Institute of Psychology, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences

- 1990-94  Vice Dean for Research

- 1989  DrSc:  "Theory of application of statistical methods in social sciences"

- 1992 Full Rank Professorship with the s.-c. inauguration lecture and defense:

  The measurement and modeling of motor abilities in developing their scientific theory

    Head of  the Division of Research Methodology

                                                                  *)  Cf. also:    - New York Academy of Sciences Membership Directory  1996                                                                                            

                                                                                       - Who´s Who in the World. Marquis, New Providence NJ 1997

-1994 - 1997 (partly incl.) – Vice Rector of the Charles University, Prague

               involved fully in the Charles University Rectorate Office,

               but still in research - cf. the publications in that period

-1998 back to the Division of Research Methodology

-2001 January-December:

            full-time Visiting Professor of  Psychological Statistics,

            at the Department of Psychology, Brigham Young University. Provo,     

            Utah, USA

-2002 back to the Division of Research Methodology


Research Areas:

- factor analysis and latent variable models - applied to the structure of abilities

- structural equation modeling (especially McDonald´s COSAN),

- research methods and design

- applied statistics to psychology, education, social and behavioral sciences

- statistical theory of tests - especially in psychology and  education

- philosophy and methodology of science - related to behavioral research  

   (theory and empirical research, concepts formation, measurement, systems)



Present load only in postgraduate PhD courses:

  research methodology,

  psychological and educational statistics

  test theory, item response theory

  factor analysis and structural modeling in educational research,

Supervisor of PhD dissertations, research design and statistical consultant.


Visiting Professorships Teaching:

- École de Psychologues Practiciens, Catholic University, Paris (1990):

    a course in Confirmatory factor analysis

- University of Athens, Greece:

   a course in Confirmatory factor and strucutral analysis (in 1993)

- University of Zagreb, Croatia  (Honorary Visitng Professor since 1996):

   courses in Confirmatory factor analysis

- University of Ljubljana, Slovinia:

   a course in Research Methodology (in 1999)

- University of Presov, Slovakia:

   a course in Structural equation modeling (in 2000)

- 2001 - full academic year Visiting Professor at the Department of Psychology,

                                             Brigham Young University, Provo, UT:

        - Psychology 301  (undergraduates)- “Psychological Statistics”

        - Psychology 678 (PhD´s) - “Seminar in Mathematical Psychology:

                                          Structural Modeling with Multivariate Psychometrics”


Supervized PhD theses:

In past - four  oriented mainly to factor analyses and latent  structure modeling

in educational research, in psychology, etc. Two were awarded as best at 

The International Student Conferences, Doctoral Section, held in Prague

in 1992, resp. 2000, namely:

Supervized PhD theses - continued:

- Roman Laušman, MEd, Insurance Analyst, Czech Bank of Commerce, Prague:

  „Structural equation  modeling of the social-economic factors influencing 

    children´s participation in  recreational activities“, resp.

- Ladislav Čepička, MEd, Assistant Professor, School of  Education, West-

     Bohemia University, Pilsen:

     „Application of  Rasch model to evaluate difficulty of coordination tests“.

Two years ago I supervized extramural distance Canadian doctoral student

 -  David Barzilay, MSc, MEd, Saint Laurent College, Montreal:

    „Structural models for complex  evaluation of  ´Overall Health Fitness´ “

At present I am supervizing two doctoral students:

  - Andrea  Koudelková, MA, Lecturer of English, Charles University, Prague:

    „Confirmatory factor analysis of  US and Canadian questionnaires on ´Quality 

     of  Life´ and  their cross-cultural re-validization to the Czech population“

  - Jan Štochl, M.Ed., internal PhD student:

    ”Structural evaluation of validity of teacher´s subjective assessment”


Computer skills

As regards statistical software, I work with SPSS, NCSS, STATGRAPHICS. In strucural equation modeling (SEM) I ahve a limited experience with AMOS while I work mostly with COSAN. For generalized confirmatory factor analysis I moslty use my own model GEFA (programmed at the Institute of Psychology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague).

Membership abroad:

- American Educational Research Association

- American Psychological Association (Foreign Affiliate)

- International Society for Stress and Anxiety Research

- Psychometric Society (1972-2000)

- New York Academy of Sciences (1992-97)

Membership in Czech:

- Scientific Society of  Czech Academy of Science, board for kinanthropology

In Past: - Czechoslovak Psychological Society (1982-90), then its follower:

                    Czecho-Moravian Psychological Society (1990-93)

             - Scientific Council of the Czech Sport Union (1978-90), then its 

                     follower: Program Council of the Czech Sport Union (1990-95)

             - Czechoslovak Cybernetics Society (1972-79)

             - Czechoslovak Section of European Council for High Ability (1988-90)

Editorial boards, member:

- Kinesiology (journal of the University of Zagreb, Croatia, in English)

- Acta Universitatis Carolinae (Prague, in English)

- Leistungsport (Germany, in German)


Defense commisions abroad:

- Doctoral Dissertations Commision for the Defense of Higher Doctorates,

  Comenius University, Bratislava, The Slovak Republic

- Professoriates Commission, Presov University, The Slovak Republic


Study stays and lecturing:

- Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and the University of Toronto,

   4 months 1978

- Université Catholique- École de Psychologues Practiciens, Paris, 3 weeks1990

- Psychometric Unit, Bergen University, Norway, 5 weeks 1991, 2 weeks 1992

- Canadian universities through shorter visits:

  Laurentian Univerity at Sudbury,  University of British Columbia, Vancouver,      

  University of Ottawa,  McGill University, Montreal,   York University, Toronto

  one month altogether in July of 1990, 2 weeks in 1992, again 2 weeks in 1993

- Coll.of Education, Dept.of Educ. Psychology, University of Athens, GA, 1993

- Sherbrooke University (Canada) in 1993, 1994

- 6 week journey in 1996 with series of short visits to most of the above plus:

  George Washington U. (DC), Pace U. (NY), Longwood College(Farmville,VA)

- Zagreb University, Croatia, 1999 

- Ljublana University, Slovinia, 1999 

- Presov University, Slovakia, 2000

- Department of Psychology, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, USA

   January - December 2001, two full semesters, teaching:

     - undergraduate Psychology 301 - Psychological Statistics (Fall 2001)

     - PhD Psychology 678 - Seminar in Mathematical Psychology:

                                            Structural Modeling with Multivariate Psychometrics

Academic and other organizational involvement in the Czech -  member of :

- Scientific Council of the Charles University, Prague (1991 - lasts)

- Committee for Mathematics and Informatics of the Research Grants Agency,

   Czech Academy of Sciences (1997-2001)

- Accreditation Commission of the Government of the Czech Republic - the

   sub-committee for Colleges of Education (1997-2001)

- Commission for Inter-University coordination of Doctoral Study Curricula

 - Scientific Council of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport,

   Charles University, Prague (1990 - lasts)

 - Scientific Council of the Faculty of Education, Charles  University, Prague


- Doctoral and Examination Commision of the Palacky University,

   Olomouc, Czech Republic

 Honorary membership in the following bodies:

- Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the "Charles the VI. Medal",

   awarded to exceptional personalities in science and culture

   (e.g. Paul Ricoeur, philosopher, Karl von Weizsaker, physicist) - expired 1997

- Board of the Foundation of the Czech President Havel and the former Slovak

   President Kovac (1994-2000)

- Board of the University Foundation for the Czech Legal State  (1995-7)


- Gold Medal of the Charles University

  (appreciation of merits of the university development - the highest ChU award)

- Silver Medal of the Medical Faculty, Hradec Kralove, The Czech Repiblic  

  (for the contribution to science and education)

- Medal of the School of Medicine at Pilsen, The Czech Republic

- Comemorial Medal of the Charles University on its 650 Anniversary (1998)

- Honorary Visiting Professor of the University of Zagreb (1996)



C. V. described


      I graduated with Magister degree (an equivalent to Master of Education, M.Ed.) from the Charles University, Prague, in 1968. The two last years of my study I spent already working as a Technical Assistant at the Department of Anatomy and Biomechanics. My specialization was in quantitative research methodology and educational theory. I also attended some selected external courses in statistics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, general biology and anthropology  at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, and in mathematical economy at the Prague University of Economics.  Then, in 1969 I subscribed to one-year  postgraduate course at the Faculty of Philosophy  passing subjects as history of philosophy, general psychology, and  philosophy of science. Then I also passed further one-year external postgraduate course in probability/statistics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.


     After having completed my rather interdisciplinary preparation, all  the time stressing quantitative methodology, I defended my  dissertation "A comparison and generalization of factor analytic models and their application to the structure of motor abilities" in 1974 . My supervisor and the main reviewer were from the Department of Mathematical Statistics and Probability Theory.


      I worked as a Junior Research in 1968, Researcher 1969 - 1974, and Researcher-specialist 1974 - 1976, at the Department of Anthropomotorics, Biomechanics and Anatomy (renamed at that time).


      In 1976 I changed to the position of Assistant Professor at the  Department of Theory and Methodology. In  1979  I defended the s.-c. habilitation thesis "Statistical models  with latent variables in educational research  and management" and was installed Associated Professor of Education (Docent).      In 1989 I defended the thesis "Theory of application of statistical methods in social sciences" for the higher doctorate degree Doctor of Science, Dr.Sc.**), and in 1992 became a Full Rank Professor.


     While teaching mostly at the Department of Theory and Methodology, Charles University,  I was carrying out my research mainly at the Division of Mathematical Methods and Experimental Techniques, Institute of Psychology,  Academy of Sciences at that time - I used to be the Acting Head of the Division since 1982  till 1990. After accepting the position of Vice-Dean for Research  since January 1990  I still consulted to the Institute of Psychology till 1994 when I was installed Vice Rector of the Charles University.


     Since 1998  I am fully back to the Division of Research Methodology involved mostly in PhD students teaching and supervizing, Doctoral Council management, and other academic topics. After finishing my academic term at the rectorate and in the administration of Charles University my former series of shorter  teaching involvements at univiersities abroad culminated in 2001 when I spent a full academic year in the USA as a Visiting Professor of Psychological Statistics at the Department of Psychology, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, USA.


     In my 58 I am in great health, activelly participating in outdoor activities, especially rock climbing.

                                   Praha, January 2003                   Petr Blahuš


**) One of the reviewers was Professor Šidák, Director of Mathematical Institute, Academy of Sciences (well-known in statistics, cf. Hájek-Šidák Theory of Rank Tests, N.Y. Academic Press, 1967, and, e.g., author of  Sidak´s test in ANOVA in SPSS.)

                      SELECTED  OLDER  PUBLICATIONS  


                                                IN ENGLISH


- Blahuš,P .: Statistical models with latent variables. Charles University Press,

  Prague,pp. 1981, 190

- Blahuš,P.- Hrubý,J.- Kvapil,J.- Paichl,J. Systems theory approach to using statistics

   in social sciences. Charles University Press, Prague 1988, 256 pp.



- Blahuš,P.: Some formal similarities of several factor analytic methods. Biometrische

  Zeitschrift 16, 1974: 15-19.

- Man,F.- Hošek,v.- Blahuš,p.: The development and validation  of the Czech form of the test 

  anxiety inventory. In Advances in Test Anxiety Research, University of Bergen, Bergen 1987, p.


- Man,F.- Blahuš,P.- Spielberger,C.D.:The relationship of test anxiety to intelligence

  and academic performance. In Spielberger C.D.- Guerrero R.D., eds. Cross-cultural

  anxiety, vol. 4, Hemisphere, Washington 1990, p. 183-191.

- Blahuš,P.: A simple model for generalized confirmatory factor analysis - applications

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   Kinesiology 28, 1996, 2: 12-21.

- Blahuš,P.: An example of COSAN-model to investigate a non-linear hypothesis on

   factor loadings. Acta Univ. Carol. K. 32, 1996, 2:57-67.

- Blahuš,P.: On the concept of "research variables" in qualitative research. Acta Univ.

  Carol. K. 33, 1997, 2: 17-26


Communications to conferences

- Benson,J.-Schwarzer,K.-Blahuš,P.: Transcultural factor analysis of computer anxiety in US, 

  German, Egyptian and Czech students. 10th Conference of the Society for Test Anxiety

  Research, Amsterdam, July 1989

- Blahuš,P.: Assessment of anxiety components as a measurement  of generic psychological 

   properties. 1st European Congress of  Psychology, Amsterdam, July 2-7, 1989.

.- Blahuš,P.: Random variable - a view of measurement theory. 7th European Meeting of 

   Psychometric Society, July 29-31 1991, Trier. Published in R. Steyer etal., Psychometric 

   Methodology, Stuttgart, Fischer 1993, p.33-38.

- Blahuš,P.: Systems theory in using statistics in psychology. 22nd European Mathematical 

   Psychology Group, Sept. 9-12, 1991, Vienna.

- Blahuš,P.: A methodological paradigm for sport performance analysis. International Conference 

   on Computer Applications in Sport and Physical Education, Wingate, Netanya, Israel, January 

   2-6, 1992


                                                          IN RUSSIAN:

Books -  translated from Czech

- Blahuš,P.: K teorii testirovania dvigatelnykh sposobnosteyi. (On the theory of testing motor 

  abilities.) Moscow, FIS, 1982, 164 pp.

- Blahuš, P.: Faktornyi analiz s obobshenyiami. (Factor analysis and its generalizations)  

   Moscow, Finansy i  Statistika publishers. 1989, 247 p.


                                                               IN FRENCH:


- Čelikovský,S.- Blahuš,P.- Kovář,R.: Étude comparative de différents modeles de l analyse de  

  facteurs de tests moteurs.  Kinanthropologie (Belgium) 1, 1969: 15-23. 

- Blahuš,P.: Essai de application de la théorie de l´information au cours de l´étude de la structure 

  d´un ensemble de tests moteurs. Kinanthropologie (Belgium) 3, 1971: 111-123.

- Blahuš,P.: De la causalité dans l´analyse de correlation et factorielle des aptitudes. Scientia 

   Paedagogica Experimentalis (Belgium, Gent), 11, 1974: 24-33.



                                IN CZECH -   N.B.:for brevity the titles only in English here


- Blahuš,P.: Methods of statistical data analysis.

   Chapter B, p. 245-273, In Čelikovský S. et al., Anthropomotoricity for university students. 

   Praha, State Pedagogical Publishers, 1979 (1979-1990  four editions)..

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  Chap. 2,  p.15-62 In Měkota,K.-Blahuš,P.: Tests in physical education.  Praha, State 

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  Charles University, Prague, 1990, 251 pp.

- McDonald,R.P:Factor analysis and related methods, Lawrence Erlbaum, Hillsdale NJ 1985 

  translated into Czech  by  P.Blahuš,  published by the Academia Publishers, Praha 1991, 252 pp.


       Complete  recent  publications -  i.e. 1994 - 2004

                    N.B.:  - There is certain overlap with the preceding selection list

                              - The originally non-Eglish titles: accompanied by English translation


Scientific /research papers

Blahuš,P.: Concept formation via latent variables modeling in sport psychology. Acta Univ.  

                Carolinae Kin. 30, 1994, 1, 29­-42.

Stuchlíková,l., Man,F., Blahuš,P.: A confirmatory approach to sport anxiety. Acta      Univ.

                 Carolinae Kin.  30, 1994, 1, 21-28.


Blahuš,P.: Statistical methodology in predicting sport talents. An invited lecture to the Department of Kinanthropology, University of Sherbrooke (Canada), February 22, 1994.


Blahuš,P.: Mutual contacts between the Bucharest University and Charles University. Invited           

                address on behalf of Charles University greeting the Bucharest University, International

                Conference on the Tercentary Bucharest University, Bucharest,  Sept. 28 -  Oct. 1994.

Dovalil,J., Blahuš,P.: Alumni Association. Acta Univ. Carolinae Kin. 30, 1994, 1: 95.


Conferences - communications

Knotek, P., Blahuš, P., Knotková, H., Pavelka, K.: Affect, pain sensitivity and intensity of chronic rheumatologic pain (CRP): Multivariate models. 16th International Conference of the STAR, Stress and Anxiety Research Society, Prague, July 10-12, 1995.


Blahuš, P.: Systems theory approach to statistical analysis in educational research. In Pšunder, M., ed., Research in the Field of Education, Maribor University Press, Maribor 1995, p. 63-68.

Research Grants Memos

Blahuš, P., Laušman, R., Vondruška, L., Hrubý, J.: Jednoduchý model pro konfirmativní faktorovou analýzu - GEFA, příručka a program. Závěrečná zpráva grantu Univerzity Karlovy č. 200, Praha 1995, 122 s., příl.: disketa. (The simple model for confirmatory factor analysis – GEFA, manual and program. Research memo to the Grant No. 200 of the Charles University, Prague 1995, 122 pp., diskett, English summary)

Knotek, P., Blahuš, P., Knotková, H., Pavelka, K.: Pain, pain threshold, anxiety, anger and

             depression in rheumatologic patients. Stapro Institute for Study of Pain, Prague 1995,

             31 pp. (Research Memo of the Stapro Institute).

Invited lecture

Blahuš, P.: Úvod do teorie testování v pedagogice – otázky validity a diagnostické citlivosti, návod ke konstrukci didctických testů, psychometrické přístupy. Přednáška pro MŠMT ČR a Výzkumný ústav pedagogický, hlavní referát k problematice evaluace vzdělávání, Praha, 6. 12. 1995.

                     (Introduction to the test theory in education – questions of validity and diagnostic quality, construction of  didactic tests, psychometric approach. Invited lecture for the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic and its Research Institute of  Education, starting lecture in the series on evaluation in education, Prague, December 6, 1995)

An informative article for students

Blahuš, P.: Pátým pádem: Koleje! Forum, časopis Univerzity Karlovy, 2, 1995, č. 3, s. 1-2.

                  (About student dorms. In Forum - the internal journal of the Charles University.)


Book - monograph

Blahuš, P.: K systémovému pojetí statistických metod v metodologii empirického výzkumu chování. Karolinum, Univerzita Karlova, Praha 1996, s. 224 (ISBN 80-71-100-5).

               (On the systemic conception of statistical methods in the methodology of empirical    

               research of behavior. Pp. 224.)

Research papers

Blahuš, P.: An example of COSAN-model to investigate a nonlinear hypothesis on factor loadings. Acta Univ. Carolinae Kin. 32, 1996, 2: 57-67.

Blahuš, P.: Concept formation via latent variables modeling of motor abilities. Kinesiology  28, 1996, 2: 12-21.

Co-autorship in communications to conferences – in absentia

Knotek, P., Blahuš, P., Knotková, H.: Pain and suffering in chronic pain patients: sensory cognitive, affective or socio-behavioral problem? The 17th International Conference of the Stress and Anxiety  Research Society, STAR 96, July 5-7, 1996, Karl-Frances University, Graz, Austria, 13 pp.

Knotek, P., Blahuš, P.: Pain feeling, threshold, belief, and affects in rheumatic patients. The 8th 

        World Congress on Pain, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, August 20-25, 1996, 11pp.

An informative booklet

Ledvina, K., Blahuš, P., Klán, J., Vichra, J. et al. (eds.): Cena Karla IV. za rok 1995 udělená              

                  hlavním městem Prahou a Univerzitou Karlovou. Neprodejná publikace Správní rady

                  sdružení Cena Karla IV., vydalo Studio Vizual, Praha 1996, 43 s.

                 (The Prize of the Cesar and King  Charles the VI. Awarded in 1995 jointly by the Capital Prague 

                  and  the Charles University. Publication of the Board of the Prize – the Medal of the King

                 and Cesar Charles the Fourth. Pp. 43. -  Co-author as the Vice-Chairman of the Awarding Board)


Research papers

Knotek, P., Blahuš, P., Knotková, H.: Psychological structure of chronic pain.  Studia Psychologica  39, 1997, 1: 27-38.

Blahuš, P.: On the concept of „research variables“ in qualitative and quantitative research. Acta Univ. Carolinae Kin. 33, 1997, 2:17-26.


Invited lecture

Blahuš, P.: Konfirmativní faktorová analýza a validita testů. Přednáška pro Vědeckou společnost, metodologickou sekci. 26.5.1997, na FTVS UK Praha.

               (Confirmatory factor analysis and validity of tests.)

Research Memos

Knotek, P., Blahuš, P.,Knotková, H., Pavelka, K.:  Pain, pain threshold, anger and depression in rheumathologic patients. Výzkumná zpráva. Centrum pro léčení a výzkum bolesti při FN v Motole, Praha 1997, 60 s.

Hendl, J., Blahuš, P., Hogenová, A.: Inovace pedagogických a sociologických výzkumných metod.  Závěrečná výzkumná zpráva Projektu Fondu rozvoje VŠ MŠMT, Praha 1997,  67 s. (Innovative educational and sociological methods of research. Grant of the Ministry of Education the Czech Republic.)


Scientific papers

Blahuš, P.: An aspect of qualitative research in sport science: its data as values of variables. Kinesiology 30, 1998, 2, s. 5-16.

Blahuš, P.: Cílové kategorie jako teoretické pojmy. In: Optimální působení tělesné zátěže. B. Komeštík, ed., Gaudeamus, Hradec Králové 1998, p. 13-22. ISBN 80-7041-111-2. (Target educational categories  as theoretical concepts.)

Blahuš, P.: GEFA - program pro strukturální analýzu korelací. In: Aktuální otázky, výsledky výzkumu v grantových projektech. Hendl, J., ed., FTVS UK, Praha 1998, s. 5-11.  (GEFA-Structural analysis of correlations.)

Man, F. – Blahuš, P.: A Czech form of the Engler and Meyer´s Self-Concept of Ability

             questionnaire. Acta. Univ. Carolinae Kin. 34, 1998, 2: 39-51.

Lecture and poster

Blahuš, P., Hendl, J.: Vyučovací předmět - metodologie diplomové práce. Fakultní seminář Společenské problémy, poster, FTVS UK, Praha 25.11.1998. 

             (On the teaching course – „Research methodology in preparing  Master Thesis“.)


Scientific and research papers

Blahuš, P. : Concept formation as generalized measurement - motor abilities

              and their identification. Acta Univ. Carolinae Kin. 35, 1999, 2: 5-13.

Blahuš, P.: Fuzzy-množiny jako formalni metoda v diagnostice za neurcitosti: vyuziti v kinantropologii. Česká kinantropologie 3, 1999,  2: 55-76..

              (Fuzzy-set approach as a formal method in diagnostics under uncertainty)


Žalský,M.- Blahuš,P.-Knotek,P.-Šolcová,I. Czech version of the short form of McGill Pain     

              Questionnaire: Psychometric properties and multisample standardization. 9th World

               Congress on Pain, August 22-27, 1999, Vienna, Austria.


Abstracts of invited lectures

Blahuš, P.: Teorie dat a reprezentační teorie měření – s příklady problénů ve výzkumu. 

             Zahajovací přednáška na pozvání pořadatelů. Abstrakt  In  VII. Ročník vědecké

            konference s mezinárodní účastí  „ Optimální působení tělesné zátěže“ 7.-8. září 2000,

            Komeštík B. (ed.), Univerzita Hradec Králové, Pedagogická fakulta, 2000, s. 9.

            (Theory of data and representation measurement - problem examples in research.)

Blahuš, P.: Statistical vs. substantive significance and the „size of effect“ in research results.

           In Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference „ Education and Sport in

           2000“, Suchomel A., Technical University Liberec, 2000, p. 9. ISBN 80-7083-410-2

Blahuš, P.: O vědecké významnosti výsledků výzkumu. Příspěvek přednesený na fakultním

          semináři společenskovědní sekce FTVS UK, 18. května 2000.

          (On the scientific evidence-significance of research results.)

Informative articles

Blahuš, P. – Hendl, J.: Nový vyučovací předmět „Metodologie diplomní práce“. In  Společenské

            problémy, Perič T., ed., Karolinum, Praha 2000, s. 36-41.

            (The new teaching course Methodology in Diploma Project.)  ISBN 80-246-01-49-4

Hendl,J.-Blahuš,P. Osvětlení konceptu návrh projektu diplomové práce.

            Hic Salta 6, 2000, 4: 3-4. (On the Diploma Project.)

Research papers

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Invited lectures

Blahuš,P.:  Modeling motor abilities as theoretical concepts. Lecture, Power Point presentation, 

                 and seminar. Department of Kinesiology, University of Illinois, Champaign IL,           

                 November 30, 2001.

Blahuš,P.:  System of study at the Charles University, Prague. Informative lecture for the 

                Brigham Young University, Department of Phys. Education, Provo UT, Dec. 14, 2001.

Book - textbook

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                 (Theory of data and representation measurement theory.) 


Research papers

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           related to performance on the MMSE and expanded CERAD Battery of 

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Invited lectures

Blahuš, P.: Kvalita diagnostiky z pohledu klasické teorie testů. Přednáška, Power  Point

             prezentace a seminář pro Vědeckou společnost kinantropologie, Univerzita Karlova,

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            (Quality of diagnostics from the point of view of classical test theory.)

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Conference - poster

Blahuš,P.: Elementy z psychometrie a teorie testů. Konference Psychologické dni,  Olomouc

                Sept. 12. – 14. 2002. (Poster )   (Elementary psychometrics and test theory.)

Conference - communication:

Blahuš,P.:  Statistická významnost  vs. vědecká průkaznost výsledků výzkumu.

               Přednesený příspěvek na semináři Univerzity Karlovy pro učitele statistiky,

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             importance of research findings.)


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                 (Statistical significance vs. scientific importance of research findings.)

                        ISBN - dle pořadatelů sborníku už bylo zažádáno a bude uděleno v nejbližší době.

                                     Celk.stran 114.


Publications and lecturing in 2003

Bezvoda V., Blahuš P.

Finanční matematika a statistika. (2. rozšířené vydání učebnice-monografie.)

CERM Akademické vydavatelství Brno, Bankovní institut vysoká škola, Praha 2003, 107 s.

ISBN 80-7265-042-4  „Financial mathematics and statistics“- textbook, monograph


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On statistical methodology to study brain-behavior relationships: preliminary study.

Poster presented at Sixth IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience, Prague, July 10-15, 2003.

In: Sixth IBRO World Congress Program (E. Syková, ed.), Institute of Experimental Medicine, Academy of Sciences, Prague 2003, p. 90.


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A look at fitness aging through the Czech Unifit-Test 6-60.

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Blahuš P.

Psychometric structural-path models in „soft“data analysis: A systems theory view.

Vyžádaná přednáška s PowerPoint prezentací pro Psychology Forum of the Department of Psychology, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, October 21, 2003. (Invited lecture)


Blahuš P.

Structural latent-variables models for data analysis - systems theory view.

Vyžádaná přednáška s PowerPoint prezentací pro Ústav teorie informace a automatizace (ÚTIA) Akademie věd České republiky, Praha, 27. května 2003.

(Invited lecture for the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)

Blahuš P.

Obecné principy rozhodování pomocí testů: systém predikce a selekce.

Vyžádaná přednáška s PowerPoint prezentací - Mezinárodní konference „Testy v přijímacím řízení na vysoké školy v České republice a ve Spojených státech Amerických, Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, Praha 25. září 2003.

(General principles of deciion making based on tests: prediction and selection. -Invited lecture for the course on admission tests for Czech universities.)


Blahuš P.

Vybrané otázky teorie testů: Význam pro kvalitu diagnostiky a platnost predikce.

Vyžádaná přednáška s PowerPoint prezentací - Intenzívní kurz „Konstrukce a analýza testů“, v rámci projektu „Zavádění nových metod do učitelského vzdělávání na Univerzitě Karlově v Praze“, Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, Praha 22. září 2003.

(Selected problems of test theory: Importance for the diagnostic quality and predictive validity. - Invited lecture for the course on admission tests for Czech universities.)


Blahuš P.  Některé současné trendy ve statistické výzbroji behaviorálních věd: se zaměřením na strukturální modelování.

Přednáška s PowerPoint prezentací -  „Výuka statistiky pro nestatistiky“, Seminář Katedry matematické statistiky a teorie pravděpodobnosti Matematicko-fyzikální fakulty Univerzity Karlovy v Praze, Bystřice pod Hostýnem, 23.-25. května 2003.

(Comtemporary trends in statistical methodology in behavioral sciences: focused on structural modeling. - Invited lecture to the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in the course