Methodology and statistics, how to write a thesis

J. Hendl


E-book about methodology of research

Methodology - list of www pages

How to write a research proposal 1 (very short text)

How to write a research proposal 2 (short text)

How to write a research proposal 3 (longer text)

What is a systematic review?

How to write a dissertation?

An example of a typical thesis

How to write a research article?

How to present my results?

Do you know your statistic competences ?

Simple statistical texbook for medicine

Statistical and research terms

Research terms dictionary

English phrasebank for writing of  research papers


Examples of research projects


Examples of dissertations and thesis


Information resources (selection)

bulletCitmed (Internet tool made by prof. P. Kasal 2.LF UK)
bulletPhysical Therapy Journal
bulletOverview - Physical Therapy Journals
bullet BMJ - British medical Journal
bulletJAMA - Journal of American Medical Association
bulletPedro -  Bibliographical Database for Rehabilitation
bulletPubmed - MedLine, largest medical database
bullet Charles University - Main scientific resources (Medline, SportDiscus, EBSCO, SCI atd.)
bullet Large database of scientific jurnals in Regensburg (Germany)
bulletFree medical on-line journals
bullet FTVS UK library
bulletFree on-line pedagogical journals
bullet Editors recommendations for 3500 biomedical journals

Methodology of the  bibliographic search

bullet Literature searching for your project
bullet Introduction to searching (doc)
bulletUsing Electronic Indexes
bulletUsing Medline (pdf)
bullet Worksheet for search strategy